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This Web Site is to provide you with information about Chiron Healing® Philosophies and Techniques and the Seminars presented by the International Association of Chiron Healers Inc (I.A.C.H.I.)

One of the main purposes of I.A.C.H.I. is to unite Chiron Healers all over the world within a common representative association, and to have Chiron Healing® Teachers & Practitioners officially recognised by government departments responsible for the regulation and registration of health care professionals in Australia and overseas.

I.A.C.H.I. is now the offical representative and registration body for Chiron Healing® worldwide. An important responsibility of I.A.C.H.I. is to regulate the use of all Chiron Healing® information, wherever it is used in the world.

Chiron Healing® is 'easy-to-learn' energy healing, and not only provides ways to balance our physical, emotional and spiritual selves, but also provides us with an opportunity to heal ourselves of all the old 'woundings' from the past.

Chiron Healing® is a registered Trademark of Cheironia Pty Ltd.
Last updated 18 June 2011